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Our Culture

CAUSA Talent Source is a relationship driven firm.  We are in the people business and we are excited about the services we provide. We believe that “Relationships Rule” and our success is based on our ability to please our clients, consultants and candidates and win “Trusted Advisor” status. At CAUSA Talent Source, our culture is defined by how we treat others.  We conduct our business following ten rules:


CAUSA Ten Rules 


Rule 1. Be honest


Each of us must be trustworthy, and we perceive each other as trustworthy.


Rule 2. Be a team member


The success of each engagement and our firm depends on how we work together. Every team member must exemplify the highest standard for team play.


Rule 3. Be a hard worker


Today and the road ahead will always have challenges, as well as opportunities. We all will be required to work hard. I will never ask any team member to work harder than I am willing to work.


Rule 4. Be creative


We are sailing in uncharted waters. Every team member must become comfortable with the unknown. We all must read business periodicals, books, etc. The team is our safety net.


Rule 5. Be passionate


We all must have a passion for success. Our enthusiasm/passion to win will transcend any obstacle that could possibly come our way.


Rule 6. Be kind/considerate


Kindness is required. It does not cost anything to be kind. We must always put ourselves in the other person’s shoes. Remember the Golden Rule: "Do Unto Others!!" At CAUSA Talent Source we also follow the Platinum Rule: “Treat others the way they want to be treated!!”


Rule 7. Be a listener


We learn more from listening than we do from talking. All of us must learn how to listen effectively, and hear what others have to say.


Rule 8. Be a role model


Respect is earned. Show others that you are someone that they can look up to.


Rule 9. Be a communicator


Communicate often to those above, below and around you. Tell your team members what is going on. Make them feel like they are valued and part of the team.


Rule 10. Be positive and have fun


Everything starts with attitude. A positive attitude affects everything you do and every person you come into contact with. Reflect sunshine and you will always feel the warmth.




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