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Consulting services are provided in three different ways:

Thought Leadership
Project Management
Staff/Team Augmentation

Providing knowledge to assist a client in making a business decision.

Providing professionals and methodologies to solve a business challenge.

Providing professionals who work at the direction of the client to augment their staff.

Consulting services are delivered on a project, interim or advisory basis by a team of professionals averaging 15 or more years of experience.  The team, which is comprised of CPAs, CIAs, CISAs, CISSPs, JDs, PMPs and MBAs are skilled at handling finance, accounting, auditing, complex major projects, tax, IT initiatives and compliance projects with minimal or no supervision.  Our clients recognize that having a team comprised of CFOs, Controllers, Auditors, Project Managers, Tax Directors and other accomplished professionals, brings a wealth of experience that will help them achieve superior results at significant savings when compared to the experience level and pricing schedules of the national public accounting firms.

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